We are seeking candidates to fill in Service engineer of air puryfication systems (RTO) position.
Service engineer of air puryfication systems (RTO)

Service engineer of air puryfication systems (RTO)


  • education, adequate to the required skills;
  • professional experience in the above position;
  • English language(on the level of independent communication)
  • knowledge related to oil and gas burners and measurement techniques;
  • knowledge of compressed air installations;
  • independence, accuracy and professionalism in action (references are welcome);
  • driver licence B cat.
  • the ability to prepare reports and documentation on the work carried out;
  • availability, readiness to travel (all of Poland);


  • operation and maintenance of devices for air purification systems, such as regenerative thermal oxidizers;
  • optimization of the existing VOC oxidizer devices (possible extension, modernization);
  • maintenance and service of:
    • burners (oil and gas);
    • gas paths;
    • compressed air systems;
  • training of the client's employees in the operation of the above-mentioned installations;
  • conducting measurements of devices, including measurements of emissions to the atmosphere


  • attractive earnings
  • work under a contract for specific work / contract for mandate / FV


Send your CV and application to: biuro@nttrade.pl